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Meet the Cast and Crew

Lynne Forbes

Mrs Chickweed

Lynne runs Dorset based Angel Exit Theatre (Have a look here). Their previous shows include Moonfleet and The Black Curtain and most recently Lynne played Martha and puppeteered the Robin The Secret Garden - she's looking forward to getting to know Scruffy the Dog and Puss the Cat in The Enormous Turnip better! Lynne met Niki in Weymouth doing Battle for the Winds where she had a wonderful time singing songs, jumping around on the sand and collecting Dorset's wind for the Olympic sailing; she's really happy to have been asked to work with them again on this show.

Lynne loves all vegetables (except sprouts!) but her favourite are courgettes. She loves them. Cold and grated in a salad, sliced up and fried with olive oil and lemon juice, chopped up in pasta, diced in a sauce... any which way; she loves a courgette!

Fiona Putnam

Mrs Chickweed

This is the first time Fiona’s worked with Stuff and Nonsense and she's delighted that they knocked on her door and asked her out to play. Like Mr Chickweed, Fiona loves travelling the world. This year she spent a lot of time in America being the clumsy witch in Room on the Broom for Tall Stories Theatre Company. She's also been all over Europe playing a sly piggy and a friendly shire horse in Animal Farm and around the UK with ‘Lola’, a play about an Irish girl who became a famous flamenco dancer.

She doesn't have a favourite vegetable because she thinks they're all yummy, but she does have a favourite veg related joke. Here it is: What do you call an angry pea? Answer: a grump-pea!

Niki McCretton

Co-Artistic Director

Niki McCretton has been producing theatre for 20 years including contemporary artistic work for family audiences and adapting well-known stories for the stage. She's toured internationally and has won awards for work which include Muttnik the First Dog in Space, Hoof! and Horseplay. Niki joined forces with Stuff and Nonsense in 2008 and has worked on all the company's shows since.

Her favourite vegetable is a pea because you can eat 50 of them in one sitting and you can’t do THAT with many other things!